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Abstract #2819

Constellation Coil for Multi-Nuclear Imaging

Xing Yang1, Ryan Brown1, Cem Murat Deniz1, Bei Zhang1, Wonje Lee1, Leeor Alon1, Daniel Sodickson1, Yudong Zhu1

1NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY, United States

MR imaging of nuclei other than proton has been used to investigate metabolism in humans and animals. Additional imaging modalities such as sodium (23Na) MR have the potential to increase the sensitivity and specificity of cancer detection. Currently,dual-tuned coils are required for enhanced multi-nuclear imaging,which are very complicated, and a lot of de-tuned and de-coupled circuits will disturb the performance. The present study demonstrated the feasibility of using a constellation knee coil as transmit and receive coil for 7T multi-nuclear imaging(1H and 23Na) without any de-tuned or de-coupled circuits.