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Abstract #2877

Abnormality of Variance of Resting State FMRI Signal in White Matter for Schizophrenia

Hu Cheng1, Jerillyn Kent1, Mallory Klaunig1, Dae-Jin Kim1, Brian O'donnell1, William Hetrick1, Aina Puce1

1Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, United States

Recently, abnormalities in the amplitude of low frequency resting state fMRI signal have been observed in schizophrenia patients. In this report, we examined the variance of the signal in resting state fMRI across the whole brain, and found significant differences between schizophrenia patients and non-patient controls. The controls showed higher temporal SNR mainly in the white matter, clustered in several regions including temporal, frontal, and parietal lobes, cerebellum, anterior cingulate, and major white matter tracts. White matter abnormalities in these regions have been previously reported in schizophrenia patients.