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Abstract #2880

Spatiotemporal Correlation of Optical Neuronal Calcium Recordings with BOLD FMRI in Rats

Albrecht Stroh1, Florian Schmid2, Lydia Wachsmuth2, Valentin Riedl1, Afra Wohlschlaeger3, Jenny Kressel3, Claus Zimmer3, Cornelius Faber2

1Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany; 2University Hospital Muenster, Germany; 3Technical University Munich, Germany

Furthering our understanding of the spatiotemporal dynamics of neurovascular coupling requires the simultaneous and unperturbed recording of neuronal spiking and BOLD fMRI. Here, we demonstrate the feasibility of optical recording of neuronal activity with sub-millisecond temporal precision within a 9.4 T small animal scanner and simultaneously recording BOLD fMRI. Using fluorescent indicators for intracellular Ca2+ concentrations, we achieve a direct optical readout of super-threshold neuronal spiking activity, enabling the temporal and spatial correlation of BOLD time course and neuronal firing patterns.