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Abstract #2888

Combined Vessel Size and Blood Flow Imaging with Hyperoxia

Michael Germuska1, Thies Jochimsen2, Michael Kelly1, Tom Okell1, Daniel Bulte1

1Nuffield Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxon, United Kingdom; 2PET-MR Group, Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Of particular interest when assessing neuro-angiogenesis are changes in blood flow, blood volume and vessel size. Here we present an MR imaging protocol that maybe used to make simultaneous measurements of these parameters in humans. The protocol uses a modified pseudo-continuous ASL sequence, with a dual gradient-spin echo EPI readout. Periods of mild hyperoxia are used to modulate the BOLD signal during acquisition. Mean vessel size maps and blood volume are calculated from the change in spin echo and gradient echo images. While the gradient echo signal is used to calculate resting blood flow.