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Abstract #2923

MR-Guided Acoustic Shielding of the Ribs for Trans-Costal MRgHIFU Ablation in Liver

Magalie Viallon1, Lorena Petrusca2, Vincent Auboiroux2, Denis Morel3, Arnaud Mueller4, Maria I. Vargas1, Thomas Goget2, Sylvain Terraz1, Christoph D. Becker1

1Radiology Department, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Radiology Department, University of Geneva; 3Anesthesiology Department, University of Geneva; 4Radiology Department, HCL, CHU Lyon Sud, Lyon, France; 5Radiology Department, INSERM Rhone-Alpes, University of Geneva

One of the main challenge for the HIFU therapy in liver is to prevent the known high risk of collateral heating and thermal damage in the ribs and ribs-surrounding tissue. Ribs heating during liver MRgHIFU was a major obstacle for the translation of this technology into a clinical tool, whereas the size of the population potentially concerned by such a treatment is very large. This study investigates a new alternative to solve the problem of ribs heating, using dedicated MR-guided positioning of specific reflective strips for acoustic masking of the ribs.