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Abstract #2971

Relationship Between Cell Turnover and Density in Normal Prostate Regions: Correlating Quantified Choline and Citrate with Apparent Diffusion Coefficient from High Resolution DWI

Meer Basharat1, Maysam Jafar1, Nandita deSouza1, Geoffrey Payne1

1CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom

2D-CSI using short-TE (TE=32ms) PRESS was performed on 13 prostate cancer patients to assess improved visualisation of metabolite signals with reduced T2-decay compared to the standard TE=100ms implementation and to correlate these metabolite concentrations to ADC. Citrate T2 was 8834ms in the PZ (n=34) and 9050ms (n=86) in the CG, whilst choline T2 was 6118ms (n=13) across both zones, suggesting that short-TE is more favourable for detecting prostate metabolites. Indeed, more metabolites with improved signal were observed using TE=32ms. Citrate-ADC correlation was r2=0.146 which may be due to increase ductal volume in the secretory glandular tissues.