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Abstract #3012

Maximizing Dendritic Cell Migration After Vaccination Therapy

Mangala Srinivas1, Fernando Bonetto2, Erik Aarntzen1, Cornelius JA Punt3, Otto C. Boerman4, Wim J. Oyen4, Pauline Verdijk5, Carl Figdor1, Arend Heerschap6,

1Tumor Immunology, RUNMC, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands; 2INTEC-CONICET, Argentina; 3Oncology, RUNMC, Netherlands; 4Nuclear Medicine, RUNMC, Netherlands; 5Vaccinology, RIVM, Netherlands; 6Radiology, RUNMC, Netherlands

Dendritic cell (DC) vaccination is an emerging therapy for cancer patients. Injected DCs must migrate to lymph nodes for immunostimulation. However, migration is extremely poor (<4% upon intradermal injection). Expense, logistic and sensitivity issues hinder clinical optimization. Therefore, we developed a quantitative, In Vitro 19F MR-based migration assay using 3D collagen scaffolds and tissue samples, and validate our results using clinical data acquired using scintigraphy on 111In-labeled DCs. We found a strong relationship between migration rates and total cell numbers. We also studied the effect of different components such as cytokines on migration both In Vitro and in the clinic.