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Abstract #3034

Comparison of Artifacts Caused by Biopsy Markers on Breast MRI with Different Fat Suppression Techniques

Yuan Le1, Hal D. Kipfer2, Shadie S. Majidi2, Stephanie Holz2, Chen Lin1

1Radiology, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, United States; 2Radiology and Imaging Science, Indiana University, Indanapolis, IN, United States

This study compares the artifacts in fat suppressed breast MRI caused by biopsy markers from three different techniques: dual echo Dixon, conventional or Quick FatSat (QFS) and SPectrally selective Adiabatic Inversion Recovery (SPAIR) at 3T. The metal artifact caused by biopsy markers appear as a void in Dixon images versus interleaved bright and dark rings in QFS and SPAIR images. SPAIR fat suppression has the largest volume of artifacts due to biopsy markers.