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Abstract #3091

Using 1H MR Spectroscopy to Evaluate the Neurochemical Effect of Transgenic TauP301L Suppression by Doxycycline in RTg4510 Mouse

Dewen Yang1, David Caouette1, Zhiyong Xie1, Carol Hicks1, Anthony Milici1, Thomas Bocan1

1Pfizer Inc., Groton, CT, United States

In current study, we designed a localized MRS study to investigate the neurochemical effect of both chronic and intermittent developmental transgenic tauP301L suppression by doxycycline in 72 rTg4510 mouse brains (36 rTg4510 and 36 wt). The study demonstrated that prenatal combined with short-term postnatal doxycycline treatment to induce Tau expression for 7.5 months delays hyperphosphorylated tau formation and associated brain metabolic changes. The MRS results agreed with the associated histological and immunohistopathological results as well as our previous volumetric MRI findings, which demonstrated that localized MRS is a helpful tool to assess brain metabolites in rTg4510 mouse.