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Abstract #3099

Clinical Application of the High Resolution MR Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging

Jin Wook Choi1, Sung Tae Kim1, Hyung-Jin Kim1, Pyoung Jeon1, Keon Ha Kim1, Hong Sik Byun1

1Radiology, Samsung Medical Center, Kangnamgu, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

High resolution (HR) MR intracranial vessel wall imaging can acquire high quality images that could depict intracranial arterial wall. HR MR intracranial vessel wall imaging could demonstrate the various intracranial conditions such as stable or unstable atherosclerotic stenosis, vasculitis, dissection and perforating artery disease. HR MRI could depict intracranial vessel wall and its pathology and high-resolution, multisequences have the potential to characterize the pathology in the intracranial artery and may be a useful modality for evaluating the degree of stenosis. Also, this sequence makes it possible to depict some pathology in the vessel wall without conventional angiographic abnormality.