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Abstract #3201

Radiation-Induced Early Changes in the Brain and Behavior: Serial Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Behavioral Evaluation After Graded Dose of Radiation

Richa Trivedi1, Ahmad Raza Khan1, Poonam Rana1, Seenu Haridas1, BS Hemanth Kumar1, Kailash Manda1, Ram KS Rathore2, Rajendra P. Tripathi1, Subash Khushu1

1Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India; 2Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

We performed serial quantitative DTI and behavioral study in mice during early phase of moderate (3 Gy), sub-lethal (5 Gy) and lethal (8 Gy) dose of gamma whole body irradiation. With regards to dose effect, our results showed that the higher radiation dose induce earlier and more severe neurobehavioral changes in the WM than the lower doses, and these differences could be reflected by the magnitude of change in FA values to some extent. This experimental model may be used to assess the neurotoxic adverse effects of irradiation treatment and to test the effectiveness of potential neuro-protective therapies.