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Abstract #3238

High-Resolution Phase Imaging Reveals Intra-Cortical Structure of the Human Cingulate Cortex at 7T

Andreas Schfer1, Robert Trampel1, Pierre-Louis Bazin1, Robert Turner1

1Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

The cingulate gyrus is a long medial structure within each cerebral hemisphere, extending in humans about half the total length of the brain in the anterior-posterior direction. Its cortex is micro-structurally and functionally heterogeneous and makes its characterisation somewhat challenging. We acquired high-resolution FLASH images (300x300x400 um) to visualise intra-cortical layer structure within the human cingulate gyrus. The intra-cortical stripe in the cingulate gyrus could not always be detected in their magnitude images, but was clearly observable in the phase images in eight out of nine subjects.