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Abstract #3244

Voxel Based Analysis of 3D Double Inversion Recovery for the Detection of Cortical Abnormalities in Drug Resistant Epilepsy

Elise Bannier1, 2, Camille Maumet1, 2, Anca Pasnicu3, Jean-Christophe Ferr, 24, Eduardo Pasqualini5, Arnaud Biraben6, Jean-Yves Gauvrit, 24

1Neurinfo MR imaging platform, University of Rennes, Rennes, France; 2INRIA, VisAGeS Project-Team, Rennes, France; 3CHU Rennes, Fuctionnal Explorations Department, Rennes, France; 4CHU Rennes, Neuroradiology Department, Rennes, France; 5CHU Rennes, Neurosurgery Department, Rennes, France; 6CHU Rennes, Neurology Department, Rennes, France; 7INSERM, U746, Rennes, France

In this study we propose to evaluate, at 3T, using voxel based analysis the ability of 9-minute Double Inversion Recovery to detect cortical and juxtacortical lesions in drug resistant epileptic patients.