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Abstract #3270

MR Elastography Thigh Muscle Data Base to Detect Age and Gender Related Changes

Latitia Debernard1, Ludovic Robert2, Fabrice Charleux2, Sabine F. Bensamoun1

1Laboratoire de Biomcanique et Bioingnierie, UMR CNRS 6600, 60200, Compigne, France; 2ACRIM, Polyclinique Saint-Cme, 60200, Compigne, France

Age-related muscle changes have a huge impact on daily life activities in elderly people, such as gaiting, standing up, sitting down or stair climbing. Consequently, the development of adequate muscle rehabilitation programs will provide the elderly with more independence and better life. Thus, the objective of this study is to develop a MR elastography data base to measure age (20 to 80 years) and gender related changes on the passive and active muscles of the thigh. Additional measurements were also performed on the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the same subjects to elucidate the idea of fatty tissue infiltration with age.