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Abstract #3277

MRI Near Metallic Implants Using a MAVRIC-SEMAC Hybrid at 3T

Kathryn Stevens1, Bao Do1, Luis Gutierrez1, Pauline Worters1, Brian Hargreaves1, Kevin Koch2, Garry Gold1

1Radiology, Stanford Medical Center, Stanford, CA, United States; 2GE Healthcare

While MRI of patients with orthopedic hardware is often limited by susceptibility artifacts, several methods have recently been developed to dramatically reduce these artifacts. We describe the initial clinical experience with Hybrid at 3.0T in patients with spinal hardware, hip replacements, femoral pins/rods and ACL reconstruction. Imaging around metal implants with Hybrid resulted in a dramatic decrease in image artifacts compared to conventional 2D FSE, allowing improved visualization of periprosthetic tissues, despite longer scan times and reduced spatial resolution.