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Abstract #3309

Evaluation of the Dependency of Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (GagCEST) Imaging on Cartilage GAG Content in the Ankle at 3 T

Benjamin Schmitt1, Siegfried Trattnig, Claudia Sallinger, Jochen Hofsttter, Reinhard Windhager, Stephan Domayer

1Centre for High-Field MR, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The study was performed to assess to which extent gagCEST signal intensities measured with a clinical 3 T MR scanner in ankle cartilage correlate to cartilage GAG content as determined by the gold standard, biochemical quantification of GAG. Therefore, 7 ankles from human cadavers were examined with both techniques in an in-vitro study and linear correlations were found between them, which suggests that gagCEST imaging reflects GAG content in cartilage tissue.