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Abstract #3314

Visualization of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Using 3D Ultrashort Echo-Time MR Imaging at 3.0T

Noriyuki Tawara1, Takahiro Ohnishi2, Katsuya Maruyama2, Mamoru Niitsu3, Hideyuki Takahashi4, Kohei Nakajima1, Toru Okuwaki1, Takashi Kawahara1

1Department of Sports Medicine, Japan Institute of Sports Scinences, Tokyo, Japan; 2Siemens Japan, Tokyo, Japan; 3Department of Radiology, Saitama Medcical University, Saitama, Japan; 4Department of Sports Science, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

ACL injury is one of the most common, but serious injury among the sports injuries. In Japan more than 20,000 athletes are injured per year. MRI plays an important role in supporting the diagnosis of acute and chronic ligament injures. However there is no method to measure the maturation of the tendon and ligaments except UTE techniques. On the other hand, in knee MR imaging, the magic angle phenomenon affected largely to the depictability of the various ligaments. So, the aim of this work is to demonstrate the potential of 3D UTE imaging for kneefs ligament visualization, especially ACL.