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Abstract #3320

Evaluation of Lumbar Foraminal and Extraforaminal Stenosis with 3D T2*-Weighted Gradient-Echo MR Imaging at 3T

Kazuyuki Ohgi1, Masatoshi Hotta1, Satoshi Doishita1, Akinori Harada1, Akiyoshi Yamashita1, Hiroyuki Yokote1, Shunji Tsukuda1, Tetsuhisa Yamada1

1Radiology, Japanese Red-Cross Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan

The purpose of this presentation is to indicate the usefulness of spinal nerve root demonstration with 3D T2*-weighted gradient-echo (T2*W GRE) imaging in the diagnosis of lumbar foraminal and extraforaminal stenosis. 3D T2*W GRE imaging can provide more specific information than conventional MRI in the presurgical evaluation of lumbar foraminal and extarforaminal stenosis. The use of this technique has a potential of preventing failed back surgery syndrome, defined as persistence of clinical symptoms even after surgery.