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Abstract #3338

Ultra-Short and Zero TE Micro-Imaging of Bone Samples at 9.4T

Steven Reynolds1, Nigel Hoggard1, Martyn Paley1

1Academic Unit of Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Generally MR images of cortical bone and tendons with high collagen content are shown as areas of signal void, irrespective of image weighting. The use of Ultra-short and Zero TE sequences can provide high resolution imaging of these bone structures in the presence of severe susceptibility artefact by minimising the time available for T2* signal dephasing: producing positive contrast from cortical bone. By combining very strong gradients together with custom sized close fitting radiofrequency coils allow acquisition of images with spatial resolution of 10s of microns. This feasibility study investigated the limits of imaging normal bone samples at high resolution in the presence of metal artifacts.