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Abstract #3437

Combining Nonrigid Motion Correction and Partial Fourier for 3D High Resolution Cardiac Imaging

Freddy Odille1, 2, Anne Menini1, 2, Pierre-Andr Vuissoz1, 2, Laurent Bonnemains1, 3, Damien Mandry1, 2, Jacques Felblinger1, 4

1IADI, INSERM U947 - Nancy Universit, Nancy, France; 2Ple Imagerie, CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France; 3Ple Cardiologie, CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France; 4CIC-IT 801, CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France

The combination of partial Fourier acquisition with motion-compensated reconstruction schemes is investigated. Similar to SENSE, such generalized reconstructions can be modified to include a phase constraint and therefore deal with asymmetric k-space sampling. However partial Fourier is sensitive to the construction of a good low resolution phase map from the central part of k-space, which may also be corrupted by motion. Here we propose to build a motion-compensated phase map using the GRICS motion correction framework. The technique was tested on volunteers with a free-breathing high resolution 3D sequence used clinically for myocardial viability assessment.