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Abstract #3544

MR Evaluation of Internal Gradients in Porous Systems: SE Vs DDIF Method.

Giulia Di Pietro1, 2, Marco Palombo2, 3, Silvia Capuani2, 3

1IIT@Sapienza, Physics Department, Rome, Italy, Italy; 2 Sapienza University of Rome, Physics Department, Rome, Italy; 3CNR IPCF UOS Roma, Physics Department, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

Effective Gi measured by using Spin-Echo (SE), Diffusion Decay Internal Field (DDIF) and Modified Diffusion Decay Internal Field (DDIF(M)) method for discriminating porous systems characterized by different pores size were compared. The behaviors of Gi extracted from SE, DDIF and DDIF(M) as a function of beads sizes, show similar trends. However, Gi values extracted from SE decay better discriminates between different porous systems when compared to Gi extracted from DDIF and DDIF(M) decays. Finally SE method, unlike DDIF method, can be easily implemented on clinical scanners and requires less time for data acquisition and data processing than DDIF one.