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Abstract #3767

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Clinical Diagnosis of Left Left Dominant Phenotypes of Of Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy

Begoa Igual-Muoz1, Esther Zorio-Grima2, Vicente Martinez-Sanjuan3, Jordi Estornell4, Jose Monmeneu4, Pilar Lopez-Lereu4, Alicia Maceira4

1Cardiac image unit , ERESA, valencia, Spain; 2cardiologia, Unidad de muerte subita .Hospital la Fe . Valencia, valencia, Spain; 3radiology, ERESA, valencia; 4TAC-RM, ERESA-HGUV, VALENCIA, Spain

Recently, the spectrum of arrythmogenic miocardiopathy (AC) has been expanded with newly described biventricular (BVAC) and left-dominant (LDAC) forms. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) with its superb tisular discrimination abilities, and high reproducibility for ventricular volume calculation,offers potentially relevant information for their diagnosis.