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Abstract #3780

Human Cardiac T1 Mapping in vivo at 7T: Quantifying and Correcting for Partial Inversion

C. T. Rodgers1, S. K. Piechnik1, L. DelaBarre2, P.-F. Van de Moortele2, C. J. Snyder2, S. Neubauer1, M. D. Robson1, J. T. Vaughan2

1University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom; 2University of Minnesota, United States

Quantitative mapping of myocardial T1 has proved valuable at 1.5 and 3T. In a pilot study, we began to adapt the ShMOLLI T1 mapping sequence for 7T. We now quantify the achievable magnetization inversion in the heart at 7T and to optimize T1 measurements there. To achieve this, we make further improvements to the pulse sequence and post-processing, validating these with phantom experiments. Scans on 6 volunteers measure the human myocardial T1 at 7T as 1926 22ms. Our data suggest that future measurements may be feasible on scanners with 8kW RF output, in a single reasonably short breath hold.