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Abstract #3796

Tissue Phase Mapping Analysis of Myocarial Function After Heart Transplantation

Marius Menza1, Bernd Andre Jung1, Adriana Komancsek1, Tobias Wengenmayer2, Anna Lena Stroh2, Daniela Fll2

1Radiology , Medical Physics, Univesity Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany; 2Cardiology and Angiology, Univesity Medical Center, Freiburg

MR tissue phase mapping (TPM) was used to quantify segmental myocardial velocities including rotation in stable patients after heart transplantation (HTX, n=14) without signs of rejection. Reduced regional long-axis velocities in systole and diastole were revealed in most left ventricular segments compared to healthy volunteers (n=18). HTX patients demonstrated a slightly lower apical rotation and a lower peak of early systolic counterclockwise rotation at the base. A comprehensive description of rotation and twist in the transplanted heart is essential for further studies of HTX rejection and TPM might therefore help to improve the follow-up of these patients in future.