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Abstract #3836

Clot Lysis Dynamics in an Experimental Rat Venous Thrombosis Model During 4 Weeks of Fibrinolytic Inhibition

Abdel Wahad Bidar1, Anna Ravnefjord2, Frank Risse1, Edvin Johansson1, Margareta Elg2, Paul Hockings1

1R&D PHB, Imaging, AstraZeneca, Mlndal, Sweden; 2CVGI, Bioscience, AstraZeneca, Mlndal, Sweden

Understanding the dynamic process following clot formation and lysis in relevant animal models is of interest in order to understand the mechanism underlying human disease and to develop therapeutic approaches. The results demonstrate for the first time by means of MRI the dynamics of clot lysis in vivo in a rat model of venous thrombosis in the presence of an antifibrinolytic agent. Delayed thrombus lysis rate was measured in treated animals compared to controls. This model could be useful for translation between In Vitro and in vivo results and for bridging to clinical results when evaluating thrombolytic and fibrinolytic agents.