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Abstract #3869

Dynamical Evaluation of the Longitudinal Relaxation Rate of Blood After Administration of Gadobenate Dimeglumine for Optimzed SS-MRA

Fabio Tedoldi1, Cristina Neira1, Michele Anzidei2, Alessandro Napoli2, Miles Kirchin3, Fulvio Uggeri1, Beatrice Cavallo Marincola2, Fulvio Zaccagna2, Carlo Catalano<su

1Centro Ricerche Bracco, Bracco Imaging Spa, Colleretto Giacosa, Torino, Italy; 2Department of Radiological Science, University of Rome la Sapienza, Rome, Italy; 3Bracco Imaging SpA, Global Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Milan, Italy

Steady state magnetic resonance angiography (SS-MRA) following gadobenate dimeglumine administration has been shown to be feasible, but still not fully optimized. In this work we have first validated, In Vitro, an inversion recovery gradient echo sequence for monitoring fast evolving phenomena and then use it to determine the longitudinal relaxation rate of blood after gadobenate dimeglumine injection in human subjects and to derive a tailored flip angle for SS-MRA with said gadolinium based agent. The benefits of using a calibrated flip angle in SS-MRA have been thus demonstrated in contrast enhanced imaging of carotid arteries.