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Abstract #3911

Accurate Method for Measuring Pulmonary Artery Pulse Wave Velocity by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Mathematical Proof and Applications

El-Sayed H. Ibrahim1

1Department of Radiology, University of Florida, Jacksonville, FL, United States

A new method (flow-time-area(QTA)) is introduced for accurately measuring pulse wave velocity (PWV) in the pulmonary artery (PA). The method is based on the flow area(QA) method, yet is more robust to measurement errors as mathematically proved and demonstrated in a study on PA hypertension (PAH) patients and volunteers. Statistical analysis was conducted to compare the two methods under different operating conditions. The results were validated against standard non-MRI measurements in PAH. The QTA method always results in smaller or (at most) equal PWV errors than QA. Experimental results showed significant differences between the two methods in favor of QTA.