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Abstract #3915

Feasibility of 4D Flow MRI of the Brain with Y-Z Radial Sampling and K-T SENSE: Comparison with 4D Flow MRI Using SENSE

Tetsuro Sekine1, Yasuo Amano1, Ryo Takagi1, Yuriko Suzuki2, Shinichiro Kumita1

1Radiology, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan; 2Philips Electronics Japan

4D Flow MRI velocity mapping, generated from time-resolved 3D phase-contrast imaging data, is available for the assessment of complicated flow pattern in cerebrovascular diseases. The main disadvantage of 4D Flow MRI is its lengthy scan time. We assessed the feasibility of@4D Flow MRI combined with two acceleration techniques, y-z radial sampling and k-t SENSE, by comparing with the standard 4D Flow MRI using SENSE. Y-z radial sampling was feasible for the quantification of peak systolic velocity and flow volume, whereas k-t SENSE was feasible for the 4D flow visualization.