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Abstract #3925

Pulmonary Artery 4D Flow MRI in Normal Volunteers and Pulmonary Hypertension

Pegah Entezari1, Susanne Schnell1, Octavia Biris1, Jeremy D. Collins1, Maria Carr1, Marie Wasielewski1, Jennifer McDonald1, Timothy J. Carroll1, 2, James Car

1Dept. of Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, United States

This study evaluates the feasibility of 4D flow MRI for the assessment of 3D pulmonary flow characteristics in normal and hypertensive pulmonary arteries. The results of this pilot study demonstrate the feasibility of 4D flow MRI for the assessment of pulmonary flow characteristics and the ability to detect changes in PA flow compared to normal controls. Noticeably, patients with similar clinical presentation showed markedly different pulmonary 3D flow patterns indicating the potential of the methods to detect changes in pulmonary hemodynamics that may permit an improved characterization of the individual PAH severity.