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Abstract #3930

Evaluation of 3D Blood Flow Patterns and Wall Shear Stress in the Normal and Dilated Thoracic Aorta Using Flow-Sensitive 4D MRI.

Jonas Buerk1, Zoran Stankovic1, Philipp Blanke1, Alex Barker1, Maximiliam Russe1, Julia Geiger1, Mathias Langer1, Michael Markl2

1Radiology and Medical Physics, University Hospital , Freiburg, Germany; 2Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

Flow-sensitive 3-dimensional MRI was successfully used to visualize different flow patterns in aneurysms of the ascending aorta. 33 aneurysm patients, 15 age matched normal controls and 15 healthy volunteers were examined. The study shows that there is a significant relationship between vessel diameter in the AAo, AAo/DAo diameter ratio and the incidence and strength of irregular blood flow and altered vessel wall parameters.