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Abstract #3933

Non-Contrast Enhanced Renal Artery Angiography with a Respiratory Triggered 3D Balanced SSFP Sequence: Comparison of Optimized Repetitive Arterial or Vein Labeling (RAVEL) Method with and Without T2prep

Kosuke Morita1, Tomohiro Namimoto, Masanori Komi2, Masahiro Hashida2, Yasuyuki Yamashita, Yoshiaki Komori3

1Diagnostic Radiology, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University, kumamoto, 1-1-1 honjo, Japan; 2Radiology, Kumamoto University; 3Philips Electronics Japan

The purpose of our study was to optimize imaging parameters of the respiratory-triggered Repetitive Arterial or VEin Labeling (RAVEL) method with selective inversion pulse for the renal arteries and to apply optimized non-contrast MR renal angiography for normal volunteers. Moreover, we evaluated the utility of T2prep to suppress a background signal for the RAVEL method.Non-contrast MRA using the respiratory-triggered RAVEL with 3D balanced SSFP was available to visualize renal arteries especially when the FA and TI were optimized. Furthermore, T2prep improves vessel/background contrast and image quality of the aorta and renal artery without the use of contrast media.