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Abstract #3987

The Effect of Lung Inflation on the T2* of 129Xe in the Human Lungs at 1.5 T and 3 T

Xiaojun Xu1, Graham Norquay1, Helen Marshall1, Juan Parra-Robles1, Jim M. Wild1

1Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

T2* of hyperpolarised 129Xe is largely affected by the magnetic susceptibility at the tissue/air interfaces within the lungs. Initial results at forced residual volume (FRV) + 1 l are reproducible, yet shorter than the only other previously reported values in the conference literature. Repeated measurements with the lungs filled up with room air to total lung capacity (TLC) instead of FRV + 1 l coincide with previous results of T2* values, indicating a significant dependence of the transverse relaxation constant T2* on lung inflation volume.