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Abstract #3991

Optimizing Single-Breath Xenon Transfer Contrast MRI: Experimental Results, Theory, and Stochastic Modeling

Eric Frederick1, 2, Iga Muradian, Natalia Lisitza, Mike Dabaghyan2, Mirko Hrovat3, Samuel Patz

1Brigham and Women's Hospital, Melrose, MA, United States; 2Mirtech Inc.; 3Mirtech, United States

We determined the optimal parameters for SB-XTC using both Monte Carlo simulations as well as the analytic solution. These results were directly compared with our experimental data and we observed an offset that is comparable to what is expected from physiological variations. Unlike previous reports, we considered the effect of the phase encoding pulses and determined that uncertainty in the measured values can be reduced by 82.3% if the in-plane resolution is halved.