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Abstract #4051

Quantification of Altered Hepatic Blood Flow with 4D Velocity Mapping During a Meal Challenge Provocation

Alejandro Roldn-Alzate1, Eric Niespodzany1, Alex P. Frydrychowicz1, Benjamin R. Landgraf1, Oliver Wieben1, 2, Scott B. Reeder1, 2

1Radiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, United States; 2Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin

In addition to co-registered vascular anatomy, functional information, and analysis of flow patterns, 4D velocity mapping can be used to quantify blood flow. Using time resolved PC-MRI with 3D radial undersampling (PC-VIPR), a large data volume can be assessed. Here, the ability of PC-VIPR to quantify changes in portal and splanchnic blood flow after a meal challenge was investigated. Results revealed significant increases in portal blood flow in response to the meal challenge, demonstrating the potential of PC-VIPR for monitoring of treatment such as beta-blockers and TIPS in patients with portal hypertension.