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Abstract #4098

Evaluation of Hepatic Lipid in High Fat Diet Induced Obese Rats by In-Vivo MRS and LC-MS Techniques

Jadegoud Yaligar1, Venkatesh Gopalan1, Shui Guanghou2, Lam B D Jenny2, Tai E. Shyong3, Markus R. Wenk2, S. Sendhil Velan1

1Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore, Singapore; 2Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore; 3Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Accumulation of Fatty acids and triglycerides in hepatocytes leads to metabolic syndrome. In the current study we have investigated the hepatic fat including saturated and unsaturation in high fat induced obese and control animals. In addition we have developed advanced LC/MS techniques for validating the MRS results. Both MRS and LC/MS results were comparable and increases the prior knowledge for MRS quantification. Total hepatic fat content estimated by MRS and LC/MS in high fat animals was significantly higher and unsaturation index was significantly lower compared to its control group. The combined approach of MRS and LC/MS techniques permits the comprehensive analysis of hepatic lipid components.