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Abstract #4101

Investigation on the Correlation Between the DWI Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and the FDG-PET/CT Standardized Uptake Value in Patients with Lymphoma

Thomas Kwee1, Henritte Quarles van Ufford1, Malou Vermoolen1, Frederik Beek1, Rob Fijnheer2, Willem Mali1, John de Klerk3, Rutger-Jan Nievelstein1

1Radiology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Hematology, Meander MC, Amersfoort, Netherlands; 3Nuclear Medicine, Meander MC, Amersfoort, Netherlands

This study aimed to assess the correlation between the ADC and the FDG-PET/CT SUV in lymphoma. Although no correlation was found between the ADCmean and the SUVmax, there was a trend towards a mild negative correlation between the ADCmin and the SUVmax. This can be explained by the fact that the ADCmin better represents the area of lowest cellular density than the ADCmean; thus, lymphomas with higher cellularity tend to have higher glucose metabolism. Further studies are required to investigate the complementary roles of these DWI and FDG-PET/CT metrics with respect to tumor grading and assessment of response to therapy.