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Abstract #4137

Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Method, Linear Radial K-Trajectory THRIVE (Liner-THRIVE) for Pelvis Image: Compared Among THRIVE, E-THRIVE and Liner-THRIVE

Takashige Yoshida1, Yasutomo Katsumata2, Yuki Furukawa1, Naoki Watanbe1, Yukio Kato1, Nobuo Kawauchi1, Tetsuro Shirai

1Radioligy, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; 2Technical&Clinical Support, Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Three-Dimensional gradient echo sequence named THRIVE and e-THRIVE needs better contrast and lower artifact for pelvis image with Contrast enhacement. Adopted centric-radial k-space tarajectory as THRIVE result in good contrast,but blurring is outstanding. And adopted linear k-space trajectory combined partial Fourier transformation as e-THRIVE improved blurring of THRIVE, but truncation influences image using e-THIRVE.Furthermore,adopted linear radial k-space trajectory as Liner-THRIVE was able to improve disadvantage of THRIVE and e-THRIVE.