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Abstract #4180

Spatially Encoded High-Resolution 2D Correlation Spectroscopy in Inhomogeneous Fields

Zhiyong Zhang1, Yulan Lin1, Shuhui Cai1, Zhong Chen1

1Department of Electronic Science, Fujian Key Laboratory of Plasma and Magnetic Resonance, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

To eliminate the influences of field inhomogeneity on the conventional 2D correlation spectroscopy (COSY), two schemes via spatially encoded intermolecular multiple-quantum coherences combined with Hadamard encoding and three-dimensional acquisition respectively were proposed to achieve high-resolution 2D COSY in inhomogeneous fields with high acquisition efficiency. Compared to the conventional method, the acquisition time is shortened by orders of magnitude. The new schemes may be useful for the study of chemical and biological materials.