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Abstract #4230

A Multi-Lattice Sampling Approach for Highly Undersampled Phase Contrast Carotid Blood Velocity Mapping

Gabriel Rilling1, Yuehui Tao2, Mike E. Davies1, Ian Marshall2

1School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; 2Medical Physics, University of Edinburgh

A novel model-based undersampling and reconstruction framework is proposed for phase contrast carotid blood velocity mapping. It is based on splitting the space-frequency support of the signal into two elementary blocks and use a combination of two sampling lattices adapted to each block. This multi-lattice sampling approach is intermediate between lattice and random sampling, allowing more flexibility and acceleration than the former and better noise robustness than the latter. Combined with the "keyhole" technique, it allows up to 12X acceleration with limited distortion. Simulation and in vivo undersampling experiments at 12X and 8X acceleration validate the proposed method.