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Abstract #4246

High Quality Real-Time Cardiac MRI Using Self-Calibrating Radial GRAPPA with Sparsification

Felix Breuer1, Philipp Ehses2, 3, Nicole Seiberlich4, Martin Blaimer1, Peter Jakob1, 5, Mark Griswold4

1Reserch Center Magnetic Resonance Bavaria, Wrzburg, Germany; 2Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tbingen, Germany; 3Dept. for Neuroimaging, , University Hospital Tbingen, Tbingen, Germany, Tbingen, Germany; 4Dept. of Radiology, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH, United States; 5Experimental Physics 5, University of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Germany

In this work an improved self-calibrating radial GRAPPA algorithm for real-time cardiac MRI is presented. It is shown that by subtracting the temporal average prior to the parallel MRI reconstruction significantly improved image quality can be achieved over pure radial GRAPPA. Real-time cardiac imaging data at a frame rate of 20fps in 2mm in-plane resolution are shown using only 16 radial projections per frame.