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Abstract #4253

Correlation-Based Reconstruction Using Coil Sensitivity Information and Image Content Similarity

Yu Li1, Feng Huang2, Wei Lin2, Randy Duensing2, Charles L. Dumoulin1

1Imaging Research Center, Radiology Department, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, United States; 2Invivo Diagnostic Imaging, Philips HealthCare, Gainesville, FL, United States

The presented work aims to overcome the parallel imaging acceleration limit posed by spatial encoding capability of multi-channel coil sensitivity in clinical MRI. A previously reported framework of "correlation-based reconstruction" is used to convert high-speed imaging reconstruction to the estimation of correlation functions that may include multiple data correlation mechanisms underlying parallel acquisition. In the work presented here, we investigated whether coil sensitivity information and image content similarity can synergistically benefit correlation-based reconstruction for a static MRI scan.