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Abstract #4255

T1FLAIR PROPELLER with Parallel Imaging Using Simultaneous Crossed Blade Calibration APPEAR

James H. Holmes1, Philip J. Beatty2, 3, Howard A. Rowley4, Zhiqiang Li5, Jean H. Brittain1

1Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Madison, WI, United States; 2Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Thornhill, ON, Canada; 3Physical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 4Radiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 5MR Engineering, GE Healthcare, Phoenix, AZ, United States

PROPELLER imaging with external calibration data driven parallel imaging acceleration has been shown to generate high T1 contrast while yielding sufficient blade width for robust motion correction. In this work, we present a crossed blade calibration method that enables greater imaging blade accelerations and decreased acquired echo trains for improved T1 contrast. Results from a PROPELLER acquisition with blades using echo trains of 7 and 3x effective acceleration for an effective blade width of 19 phase encodes are demonstrated to provide improved T1 contrast while maintaining wide blades for motion correction.