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Abstract #4344

Ferumoxytol as an Intravenous Contrast Agent for Relative Cerebral Blood Volume (RCBV) Measurements by MRI in Rats at 9.4 Tesla

Andreas Pohlmann1, Babette Wagenhaus1, Thoralf Niendorf1, 2

1Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 2Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC), a joint cooperation between the Charit Medical Faculty and the Max-Delbrck-Center, Berlin, Germany

Monitoring changes in blood volume with the use of intravascular contrast agents is of great interest for rodent studies of cerebrovascular diseases, fMRI and cerebrovascular reactivity. Ferumoxytol is a new intravenous iron preparation for treatment of the anemia of chronic kidney disease. It is a carbohydrate-coated USPIO and can also be used as a MRI contrast agent. In this study we investigated the use of ferumoxytol as a T2/T2* based MRI contrast reagent in rats at 9.4T. Its very slow wash-out and narrow, unvarying particle size distribution suggest that it may be well suited for rCBV quantification and rCBV-based fMRI.