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Abstract #4347

Comparison of Three MRI Molecular Imaging Modalities: Application to Angiogenesis Imaging in a Brain Tumor Mouse Model

Cline Giraudeau1, Benjamin Marty1, Julien Flament1, Franoise Geffroy1, Christelle Mdina2, Philippe Robert2, Caroline Robic2, Marc Port2, Denis Le Bihan1,

1NeuroSpin, I2BM, Commissariat l'Energie Atomique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France; 2Guerbet, Research Division, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, France

In the present work, three different contrast agents (CA) are evaluated: Gd-based emulsion, LipoCEST and fluorine emulsion. A comparison of the three modalities sensitivity and specificity is performed on a mouse model of brain tumor using CA grafted with RGD peptides to specifically target α ν β 3 integrins over-expressed in angiogenic vessels. CA are detected with a sub-nanomolar sensitivity by the three modalities. A higher contrast is systematically observed for RGD contrast agents inside the tumor. Each modality provides additional information, promising for multimodal investigation of brain diseases.