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Abstract #4355

Dynamic Uptake of a Targeted GD-Chelate Nanoemulsion By a Αvβ3 Expressing Cell Layer Followed-up with a Micro-MRI Set-Up

Nicolas Gargam1, Marie Poirier-Quinot1, Caroline Robic2, Jean-Frdric Salazar2, Jean-Sbastien Raynaud2, Philippe Robert2, Luc Darrasse1

1IR4M - UMR 8081 - CNRS - Universit Paris Sud XI, Orsay, France; 2Guerbet Research, Paris, France

In this work, we demonstrate by micro-MRI the dynamic uptake of a RGD-targeted Gd-loaded emulsion by a HUVEC cell monolayer expressing the 3 integrin, which is a promising target for molecular imaging due to its high level of expression during tumor angiogenesis. The signal enhancement observed on the cell monolayer indicates a 3-fold higher uptake of the targeted emulsion by the HUVEC cells when compared to the control emulsion. This In Vitro molecular imaging model approach can be useful prior to in vivo experiments on animals, particularly to assess the specificity and characterize the binding kinetics of targeted CAs.