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Abstract #4467

Localized Two-Dimensional Correlated Spectroscopy Based on Hadamard Encoding Technique

Yanqin Lin1, Qinta Zhang1, Shuhui Cai1, Zhong Chen1

1Department of Electronic Science, Fujian Key Laboratory of Plasma and Magnetic Resonance, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Localized two-dimensional (2D) magnetic resonance spectroscopy is increasing used in the study of in vivo tissue metabolites. However, long scan time limits its wide applications. Here, a new pulse sequence based on Hadamard encoding technique was devised to speed up the acquisition of 2D correlation spectroscopy. For the new scheme, the direct frequency-domain excitation is used in the indirect detection dimension, so the 2D acquisition was replaced by an array of one-dimensional acquisitions. A phantom built of two concentric glass cylinders was used to demonstrate the feasibility of this new sequence. The new method may provide a time-efficient way for 2D in vivo studies.