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Abstract #4473

Lab-On-Chip for NMR Microscopy: Description and Application for Neurospheres Imaging and Spectroscopy Studies

Bernardo Celda Muoz1, Vicent Esteve2, MCarmen Martinez-Bisbal2

1Quimica Fisica, Universitat de Valencia, CIBER-BBN, Burjassot (Valencia), Seleccione una opcin, Spain; 2Quimica Fisica, Universitat de Valencia, CIBER-BBN, Burjassot (Valencia), Please Select, Spain

Extensive and continuous monitoring is one of the main challenges in the study of cell cultures and organotipic tissues. We have developed a lab-on-chip device allowing monitoring different parameters, as temperature, pH and pO2 or pCO2 by using optical fibres (Patent: PCT_ES2011_070173_ISRWO). Additionally, optical, fluorescence and confocal microscopy can be used together with NMR microscopy and spectroscopy. The aim of this communication is to describe the lab-on-chip and demonstrate the possibility of obtaining high resolution images and spectra at very low volumes by using NMR microscopy in a single neurosphere.