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Abstract #0014

A 3-Axis Phase Gradient Array for RF Encoded MRI Using the TRASE Method

Jonathan C. Sharp1, Qunli Deng1, Scott B. King2, Vyacheslav Volotovskyy2, Boguslaw Tomanek1

1National Research Council of Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 2National Research Council of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The first 3-axis encoded RF transmit array for TRASE (Transmit Array Spatial Encoding) B1 imaging is presented. TRASE is a novel MRI method in which the spatial encoding is achieved by repeated refocusing by 180 deg pulses, where all B1 transmit fields are a phase gradient. The transmit array is capable of producing any one of 6 phase gradient fields (+X, -X, +Y, -Y, +Z, -Z). Imaging results in all three orthogonal planes are presented. Some possible applications of this new form of encoding include low-cost MRI (due to the elimination of the B0 gradient system) and microscopy.