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Abstract #0033

Caffeine-Induced Reductions in the Resting-State fMRI Global Signal Reflect Increases in EEG Vigilance Measures

Chi Wah Wong1, Valur Olafsson1, Omer Tal1, Thomas Liu1

1Center for Functional MRI, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, United States

A prior study has shown that caffeine reduces the amplitude of the global signal in resting-state fMRI and enhances the anti-correlation between the Default Mode Network (DMN) and Task Positive Network (TPN). In this study, we used simultaneous EEG-fMRI to investigate the neural-electrical basis of these caffeine-related effects. We found that the caffeine-induced changes in the global signal amplitude are negatively correlated with changes in vigilance derived using EEG.