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Abstract #0052

The Human Connectome Project: Advances in Diffusion MRI Acquisition and Preprocessing

Stamatios N. Sotiropoulos1, Saad Jbabdi1, Junqian Xu2, Jesper L. Andersson1, Steen Moeller2, Edward J. Auerbach2, Matthew F. Glasser3, David Feinberg4, Christophe Lenglet2, David C. Van Essen3, Kamil Ugurbil2, Timothy E.J. Behrens1, Essa S. Yacoub2

1FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom; 2Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States; 3Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Washington University, St Louis, MO, United States; 4Advanced MRI Technologies, Sebastopol, CA, United States

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) is an ambitious 5-year effort to map human brain connections in healthy adults. A consortium of HCP investigators will study a population of 1200 subjects using multiple imaging modalities along with extensive behavioral and genetic data. In this overview, we focus on diffusion-weighted MRI and the structural connectivity aspect of the project. We present recent advances in acquisition and preprocessing that allow us to obtain the best possible MR data quality in-vivo, while confronting with the aim of scanning many subjects. The data quality described is representative of the datasets to be released within 2013.